Why Is The Hip Hinge Important?!?

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Why Is The Hip Hinge Important?!?

Wanna get the most out of every rep?! AND reduce tension in your neck/back/joints?? Let's talk about the hip hinge.


  • Wanna get the most out of every rep?
  • Wanna reduce the impact on your joints?
  • Wanna jump higher?
  • Wanna get the best possible stretch?
  • Wanna reduce the tension in your neck/back/hips/knees while doing any of the above?
  • Wanna prevent injuries - from working out or just in general?

If you answered yes to any one of these ?s, then the hip hinge is definitely important to you! Here's a video where I demonstrate the hip hinge movement pattern. You’ll notice I’m doing the movement pattern in the photo below too - you can see the 3 major things that make up a hip hinge:

  1. booty back
  2. head forward
  3. spine straight

It’s important to point out that the hip hinge & proper core engagement [ which I break down here ] often go hand in hand. Especially with movements like squats & lunges - you’re either doing both or you’re doing neither ;-)

When training, the key is to keep the tension IN your muscles & OUT of your joints/tendons.

**Results are earned by moving well**

Proper Core Engagement + A Solid Hip Hinge = Strong, Effective Movement Patterns that can earn you the best possible results from your training sessions.

THAT’S why it’s important! If you still have questions, just email me [hint: pics/vids help me give you specific feedback]!

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