What Does "Engage Your Core" Even Mean?!?!

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What Does "Engage Your Core" Even Mean?!?!

Learn what a strong, engaged core looks & feels like.


Ok, normally you hear:

  • draw your abdominals in!
  • maintain a neutral spine!
  • engage your lats!

..... Wait, wuhhh?? LOL

Let’s try:

  • no letting your rib cage puff out!
  • avoid arching your lower back!
  • don’t hunch/shrug your shoulders!

Those are pretty much telling you to do the same things as the 3 cues above. Yes, for real!

So why the confusing jargon?! In the fitness biz, we’re trained to use positive cues over negative [that “DO this” is better coaching than “DON’T do that”]... but, there are always exceptions to the “rules” & with core engagement, I find that the “negative” cues are far more recognizable & easy to process while you’re FREAKIN SUCKING AIR - hahaha. I also created this 15 second video on Instagram that quickly demonstrates what those cues look like too.

I hope these tips help you to 1. better understand how to engage your core; & 2. better understand the language us fit pros use on the regular. Feel free to leave a comment or email me if you have any questions!

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