Proper Form For Tricep Dips

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Proper Form For Tricep Dips

Do tricep dips irritate your wrists? Or maybe your neck/shoulders? Let's check your form & set you up for success!



Ok, so with tricep dips, it’s all about the set up . You gotta set yourself up for success, or they’re gonna be super uncomfortable. Here’s a check list of the proper set up:

  1. FOOT PLACEMENT - knees bent gives your triceps the most help. It’s simple as moving your feet forward if it doesn’t feel challenging enough, so it’s best to start modest & progress instead of the opposite ;-)
  2. NECK POSITION - it shouldn’t resemble a chicken (LOL)
  3. SPINE IS STRAIGHT - you gotta engage your core & engage your lats to lock in that pretty posture!
  4. ELBOWS STACK OVER WRISTS - if your body shifts forward as you bend, you’re bending your poor wrists wayyyy back. This is super important to check in on if dips always irritate your wrists.
  5. BREATHE ;-)

Here’s a video if you’d like a visual. The dips I’m doing in the photo & video are specifically modified/assisted dips, [because my feet are on the floor]. Full disclosure I’m focusing on these exclusively because the B Strong App is tailored to be doable, not just in a gym, but at home too,[though lots of these tips can be applied to traditional dips on bars]!

Always reach out with questions , squad!!

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