LUNGES: How Do I Nail The Form?!

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LUNGES: How Do I Nail The Form?!

Here's a checklist to guide you through building a strong foundation from your feet up!

LUNGES: How Do I Nail The Form?!

Here’s a checklist:

  1. engage your core
  2. keep feet hip width
  3. front foot is always flat & heel of back foot is always lifted
    [ Here’s a video demo of #s 2 & 3. ]
  4. determine the stance & posture that allows you to target the muscles you’re trying to train [more on that below!]

To expand on 4, here are 3 equipment-free variations that will change the muscles you’re targeting when you execute your lunges:

  • posture upright + both knees bend to 90° = targets quads
  • hinged posture + both knees bend to 90° = targets glutes
  • wide stance + front knee bends to 90° & back knee at larger angle = targets hamstrings & glutes

Here’s a video where you can see how each looks [slightly] different.

To be clear: changing your posture/stance is a strategy, not a mistake, so long as you’re maintaining 1-3 listed above. I saw a post recently from a women’s magazine that showed 2 different variations of postures while executing lunges & the post labeled 1 as correct & the other as incorrect... obviously I disagree - LOL.

I share this information because ultimately your training sessions are YOURS & you should get what you want out of them. If I’ve explained the variation I’m encouraging & why it works best in the session I’ve provided, I’ll only correct your form if it’s stressing/straining your neck, back or joints, NOT because I want to force you to target your quads when your desire is to target your hamstrings - my job is to empower you with information & keep your body safe; the rest can be up to you!

Don’t hesitate to email me with any questions! [Photos & videos are super helpful if you’re looking for guidance with form!]

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