Day 7: 100 Reps A Day to B Strong

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Day 7: 100 Reps A Day to B Strong

Day 7 directions & proper form.

DAY 7 - High Intensity - Total Body

10 Plank Drill: 2 Shoulder Taps + 3 Hop Plank Jack

5 Step-Through Lunges [R]

5 Step-Through Lunges [L]

[x3] = 60

10 Mountain Climbers

10 High Knees

[x2] = 40

So let's talk about the proper form for L U N G E S :

  • Both knees bend to about 90-degrees so that the shin of your back leg & thigh of your front leg are both parallel to the ground.
  • Front foot: flat & you’re driving your heel down into the ground as you stand upright.
  • Back foot: only your toes are on the ground, but make sure it’s all 5 toes & that your foot isn’t twisting so that only your big toe or little toe is on the ground. In addition, actively lift that heel & bend your shoe because...
  • Back knee: should tuck forward so that it’s directly beneath your hip. As you lift that heel & bend your shoe, tuck your back knee forward until you feel your quads on that leg [front of thigh] & abs engage rather than your hip flexors hyperextending!
  • Keep your hips square: avoid letting the hip of your back leg twist back behind you & open your pelvis to the side - it should always face forward.
  • Keep your feet hip width! This is where a mirror comes in handy. Avoid "standing on a tight rope" with one foot directly in front of the other. Your feet should remain in line with their respective hips.

Mountain Climbers: you're essentially doing high knees while holding a plank. Drive your knee forward & under your torso rather than kicking your heels toward the sky. And be sure to keep your shoulders stacked over your wrists! If your shoulders shift back, your booty will lift & then your abs aren't getting much out of the movement anymore [&, in turn, your neck & shoulders will take on unnecessary tension].

High Knees Pro Tip: With any sort of running, your arms set the pace. The faster you pump your arms, the faster your feet will follow. Use that to push yourself to a SPRINT pace! [Keep in mind that "10 High Knees" means 10 PER knee!!]

Ok, you're ready as you'll ever be!! Let's do this!

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