Day 5: 100 Reps A Day to B Strong

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Day 5: 100 Reps A Day to B Strong

Day 5 directions & proper form.

DAY 5 - Strength - Total Body

10 Step-Ups [R]

10 Step-Ups [L]

10 Tricep Dip + Knee Lift Combo

[x3] = 90

5 Plank Drill: Walk the Plank

[x2] = 10

Alright, let's breakdown the focus & form of each movement!

Step-ups: work our legs & booty!

  • If you're using a chair, prop it against a wall so that it doesn't move & cause an accident!
  • Step your entire foot onto the chair/bench you’re using. Don’t let your heel hang off the edge.
  • Drive your heel down into the step as you stand - that way you’re engaging your glutes & not straining your knee.
  • Also, as you step up, focus on using the leg of your elevated foot to pull your body forward & upward instead of pushing off of your back foot.
  • The step upward isn't the only important part though! Controlling the step down will work your glutes & thighs double-time.

Tricep Dips: work the group of muscles on the backside of our arm!

  • Fingertips face your body
  • Bending your knees to flatten your feet on the ground will give your arms some assistance [yes, you can do that even though we’re throwing the knee lifts into the movement for this workout ;-) ]
  • The more you extend your feet forward, the more challenging it’ll be.
  • Keep your lats engaged & your neck long! [See how my neck hasn’t disappeared in this photo? Neither should yours!]
  • Hug your elbows toward one another so that they point back behind you as they bend. Avoid letting them bow out to the sides - not great for your wrists & elbows.. [ouch!]
  • Bend your elbows to 90-degrees with each rep. Humping the air is NOT a tricep dip - hahaha - [refer back to the 2nd & 3rd tips if you’re struggling with this!]

Plank Drill ["Walk the Plank"]: works our core, shoulders & chest!

  • Do your best to keep your pelvis squared up with the ground as you march down to your forearms & up to your hands [the less your hips twist, the more you're working your core]!
  • The wider you put your feet, the easier it is to keep your hips from twisting when you march.
  • Keep tabs on the position of your hips too: 1. if they're poking up toward the sky, that will move the tension out of your core & into your neck & shoulders; 2. if they're sagging toward the floor, that will move the tension out of your core & into your lower back.

That's all folks! Get ready to get sweaty!

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